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We understand the challenge faced by poster creators when it comes to movies in the WWII genre. How to convey the tension, action and drama in one image, not an easy task. This poster for Dunkirk certainly fits the bill in our opinion. It has Fionn Whitehead's character Tommy on that beach among fallen comrades, intensly searching the horizon for rescue. The close cropped image of his young face, with a glimpse in the background of the attack he is under. Although an image, you can imagine the sounds and action that await you when you step into the cinema to see the film.
We are fortunate to have in our collection other WWII movie posters which have fulfilled their brief.
This poster sees the cooler King, Scrounger and Big X making their escape with search lights and other escapees behind them. The barbed wire weaving through the title shows this was no mean feat. What a great movie with a cast of characters, one liners and much loved theme music.
In a similar way this poster gives us an up close image of our protagonists faces and the expressions there in. The scene in the background shows us what lies ahead of our team as they attempt to disarm the German guns at Navarone. With the mini illustration of the Greek ruins and font of the title, we under no illusion where this WWII tale takes place.
In this poster for The Longest Day, again we see men in full stride as they make their way across the horizon into history. This movie was another who's who of 1960s leading men. Winning two academy awards in 1963, the movie was an undertaking to portray real life people who where on those Normandy beaches back in June 1944.

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